Domino’s Delight: Unleashing Innovation at the AI Forge Hackathon in London!

Domino’s Delight: Unleashing Innovation at the AI Forge Hackathon in London!
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Greetings Innovators!

What an electrifying day it was at the AI Forge Hackathon in the heart of London, fuelled by the spirit of innovation and teamwork! Our sincere gratitude to our extraordinary partner, Domino’s, for not only treating our participants to mouth-watering pizza but also for their invaluable support throughout this thrilling journey.

A Symphony of Ideas

Participants, you were nothing short of phenomenal! Your ideas, energy, and collaborative spirit were truly awe-inspiring. Together, you’ve taken the inaugural steps toward the realm of startup founders, exploring groundbreaking solutions in food delivery, order processing, and customer service.

But this is just the beginning! The ideas sparked during the Hackathon have the potential to usher in a new era in the QSR industry. Thank you for being an integral part of this transformative experience. Here’s to the future of innovation and the incredible journey that lies ahead!

And the Winners Are…

Let’s take a moment to celebrate the outstanding accomplishments of our winners:

1st Place: Dr. Optimizer

  • Optimized delivery driver utilization across a Domino’s franchisee

2nd Place: CheeseGPT

  • Computer vision and weighing scale assessment of pizza quality

3rd Place: Domino’s Chatbot for Ordering & Complaints

A massive congratulations to these teams! Your solutions not only stood out but also showcased the potential for revolutionary change in the QSR landscape.

Igniting the Future

As we reflect on the success of the AI Forge Hackathon, it’s clear that the journey doesn’t end here. The ideas cultivated during this event have set the stage for a future filled with groundbreaking solutions. Here’s to innovation, collaboration, and the exciting journey that awaits us!

Stay tuned for more updates on how these ideas unfold and shape the future of the QSR industry. Until then, keep innovating!

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