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AI Concepts
AI Forge is an intensive 12-week hybrid (online + in person) incubator, accelerating AI company creation for real-world problem solving.
[ London & Miami & Latam ]

How We Do it

Mapping the AI Forge Process

The AI Forge journey, tracing the path from your initial application to launching a thriving startup.

Application Stage

Application Deadline:

Over 500 applicants compete for a spot in each AI Forge cohort, setting the stage for a highly competitive process.

Average Applications
500 for each cohort

Pre Program Selection

40 of these applicants are carefully selected for the pre-program stage, identifying startups with promising AI concepts.

Shortlisted Companies
40 for 3 weeks

Core Program Acceptance

The final 20 startups enter the core program, gaining focused mentorship, extensive resources, access to investors, and significantly enhanced chances of securing funding. This stage is pivotal in transforming their AI innovations into market-ready solutions.

Core Program
20 for 12 weeks

Tailored with Care

Our Program

AI Forge is an intensive 12-week program that is conducted online and offline in various cities around the world. Our well designed program was created to provide a hands-on experience, where participants engage in daily collaboration to maximize the benefits of their journey.

Use our in-house entrepreneurs, AI and industry experts to gain inspiration, brainstorm new ideas, and even pivot your existing AI project to new heights.
Mentor Matching
Connect with experienced mentors in the AI industry to guide you through the incubation process.
Business Plans & Financial Model
We will create a very granular Financial Model to determine the viability of the business idea.
Pitch Decks
Create a compelling pitch deck to showcase your AI project and attract potential investors.
PoC Building
Use the 100 supplied developer hours to support building a Proof of Concept product (PoC) to test your AI idea and gather feedback from users.
Investor Week
Through a series of dinners, events and a main Demo Day you will showcase your company to around 300 investors.
Networking Events
Attend networking events to connect with other entrepreneurs, investors, and experts in the AI industry.
Funding Opportunities
Access funding opportunities and resources to help finance your AI project and grow your business.

Week by Week

The Schedule

Our AI incubator program provides a unique opportunity for startups and entrepreneurs to grow their AI-based business ideas. With access to cutting-edge technology and expert mentorship, participants can develop their ideas into viable products and services that have the potential to revolutionize industries. Say goodbye to the conventional incubator model and join us in shaping the future of AI innovation.

1 - Pre-Program

Welcome Day

Program Overview

Team Building Activities

Week 1 - Pre-Program


Lean Startup Principles

Idea Generation and Strategy

Market Research

Week 2


AI Strategy Deep Dive

Introduction to AI Tools

Expert Sessions

Week 3


Customer Development

Product Development Basics

Client Outreach

Week 4


Technology Deep Dive

Proof of Concept Creation

Development Workshops

Week 5


Financial Modelling

Business Models Exploration

Corporate Interactions

Week 6


Advanced Customer Development

Marketing Strategies

Growth Hacking Techniques

Week 7


Understanding Investors

Networking Events

Brand Development

Week 8


Pitch Deck Creation

Legal and Governance

Funding Strategies

Week 9


Pitch Training

Investor Deck Preparation

Investment Planning

Week 10


Proof of Concept Development

Pitch Practice Sessions

Investor Meetings Preparation

Week 11


Investor Dinners

Showcase Events

Program Wrap-Up

Week 12

Our Offer

We believe in transparency to create valuable companies.

Program Value
Service Credits
Development Support
100 Hours
60% Chance to Raise £200,000
Access to 110 Mentors
Design Support
30 Hours

Our ask to turn your idea into an amazing company.

High Motivation
Strong Founder Team
An AI Solution

What People Say About Us

We have a long track record of hard work and total commitment to our business partners.

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