We are Innovators and Disruptors

At the AI Forge, we're driven to disrupt the status quo and push the boundaries of innovation. We embody this spirit every day, both in our work and in the people we bring on to our team.

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Our Mission

We are well-positioned to become a major player in the world of AI incubation. Our plan is to expand to eight offices worldwide by 2026. The founding team has extensive experience in both starting and then securing exits in the multi-millions. They have also started a Blockchain incubator, which created companies that accounted for 24% of all UK Blockchain investments in 2022.

Our global growth also enables us to recruit a more diverse talent pool, stimulating new ideas and masterclasses to include in our programme and creating a more resilient business model.

Founder Exits

Our Background

We built the UK’s #1 Blockchain Incubator

This incubator accounted for 24% of all Blockchain investments in 2022.

Block Dojo was officially launched on January 8th, 2022, as a dedicated blockchain incubator aimed at fostering innovation and nurturing promising startups in the field. Since its inception, Block Dojo has successfully initiated the growth of 33 cutting-edge companies, empowering them with the resources and mentorship necessary for their development and eventual success.

In February 2023, Block Dojo caught the attention of nChain, a leading global blockchain technology company, and was subsequently acquired. The strategic acquisition allowed us to expand our vision and support a new generation of AI startups through our recently established AI Forge incubator.

More at www.blockdojo.io

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Who We Are

We're a team of serial entrepreneurs driven to create real-world value through AI innovation. Our incubator, AI Forge, rapidly launches bold ideas and provides comprehensive support to startups, including world-class mentorship, funding, and resources. Our goal is to revolutionize the AI industry by empowering startups to develop game-changing solutions that tackle real-world challenges.

  • Craig Massey


    Craig Massey is a dynamic entrepreneur with a keen eye for finance and an unwavering drive to succeed. He's not afraid to take risks or pivot his business when necessary, and his contagious energy motivates those around him. With years of experience under his belt, Craig knows exactly how to make the perfect investor deck and give tough love feedback when needed. He's also great at building teams and creating a fun, supportive community. And when it's time to celebrate, Craig knows how to throw a wild party!

  • Robin Gounder


    Robin Gounder is true visionary in the world of technology. With a deep understanding of AI and blockchain, he is a true tech genius who founded Vaionex in 2020 (V: 21.5M), a top-tier blockchain infrastructure company that processes an impressive 3 million transactions daily. Robin's unique ability to build startups cost-effectively and with incredible efficiency is truly exceptional, making him an invaluable asset to any team in the fast-paced tech industry.

  • Kevin Jackson


    Kevin Jackson is the International Director at AI Forge. Kevin was the head of a division at Saatchi Group and rolled out 16 agencies for Grey Global; with over 10 years of experience creating communication strategies for emerging technology companies he is an expert in building and managing operations globally. Kevin has co-founded four companies and is a serial investor in tech startup.

The London Team

Our London team is thrilled to be part of the dynamic tech ecosystem in the city, which is home to major industry leaders like Google, Amazon, and Facebook. With over £7.2 billion in venture capital invested in London startups in 2022 alone, the city is rapidly emerging as a hub for technology and innovation. Our presence in the UK capital not only bolsters our global expansion plans but also grants us convenient access to the thriving European AI market.

Our team is dedicated to harnessing the favourable business environment and innovation-driven government in London to support entrepreneurs and startups in the region. We specialize in AI and machine learning, and are committed to providing our clients with powerful financial models to help them achieve success. With top universities nearby, a vibrant tech scene, and a collaborative community, London is the ideal location for our team to continue fostering innovation and growth in the AI industry.

  • Andy Weston

    Partnership Director

    Andy Weston is an accomplished tech entrepreneur with two successful startup exits under his belt, demonstrating his prowess in the world of technology and business. As the former Head of EU Product for industry giants Amdocs and Verizon, he has garnered extensive experience in driving product innovation and maintaining a strong market presence.

  • Shaw Tsen

    Operations Manager

    Shaw Tsen has a rich background in operations, holding positions such as COO for Yourkeys (Proptech), Head of Operations at Zoopla, Campaign Manager at Monitise, and Operations Manager at Last Second Tickets. With extensive experience in managing and overseeing various operations, Shaw has a proven ability to drive efficiency and success.

  • Gregory Dean

    Investment Director

    Gregory brings a wealth of experience in fundraising, M&A and strategic partnerships at high growth technology startups. As an M&A analyst, he played a key role in the meteoric growth of digital health giant Cera, establishing them as one of the largest health-tech players in Europe. And with experience raising over £300 million from Seed through to Series C across multiple scale-ups, he is poised to support our founders as they fundraise, while also driving our investment thesis for future cohorts.

The Miami Team

Our Miami team is excited to be a part of the thriving tech ecosystem in the city, which has attracted major players in the industry, including Spotify, Microsoft, and Apple. With more than $5.3 billion in venture capital being invested in Miami startups in 2022 alone, the city is quickly becoming a hub for technology and innovation. Our presence in South Florida not only supports our plans for global expansion but also provides us with easy access to a large and growing market for AI in Latin America.

Our team is committed to leveraging the favourable business environment and innovation-friendly government of Miami to help entrepreneurs and startups in the area. We are experts in AI and machine learning and are dedicated to providing our clients with robust financial models to help them achieve success. With top universities in the area, a booming tech scene, and a supportive community, Miami is the perfect location for our team to continue driving innovation and growth in the AI industry.

  • Miguel Diaz

    Program Director

    Miguel Diaz is the Program Director at AI Forge (Miami), responsible for managing, curating, implementing, and facilitating the curriculum for AI Forge. With over 15 years of management consulting experience, including Accenture, Miguel designed and deployed a strategic, learning certification program for all Business Analysts of a global healthcare company. He also built, managed, and expanded operations globally for a British manufacturing company with $20M P&L.

  • Paul Spende

    Chief Technology Officer

    Paul is a technical virtuoso, currently helming the technological advancements at AI Forge. Before joining AI Forge, he showcased his proficiency as a Software Engineer at PassFort, a Moody's Analytics company. At neXenio, Paul's adeptness was evident as he not only delved deep into the MERN stack but also pioneered the introduction of the react-testing-library to the codebase. His dedication to clean coding and his ability to craft robust solutions, such as a POS system integrating Stripe and iOS, set him apart. In Berlin, his tenure at TolaData as a Data Scientist saw him innovating interactive dashboard solutions with Javascript and D3 and creating pivotal data migration tools. Paul's early experiences include a role at 4flow, emphasizing test automation and Java development. Across his career, Paul has seamlessly blended data science insights with software development prowess, ensuring technological excellence in his ventures.

The LATAM Team

Our Buenos Aires office is proud to serve as a gateway to the thriving tech ecosystem of Latin America, a region that has become a hotbed for tech innovation, with significant players like MercadoLibre ($60 billion), Nubank ($30 billion), Globant ($10 billion), Kavak ($8.5 billion), Rappi ($5.1 billion) and TiendaNube ( billion) leading the charge. In recent years, Latin America has witnessed a surge in venture capital activity, with investments exceeding US$15 billion across the region in 2021. This investment boom underscores the region's rising prominence as a global center for technology and innovation. Establishing our base in Buenos Aires not only advances our strategy for global expansion but also positions us at the heart of the South American tech market.

In this dynamic environment, we are eager to tap into the entrepreneurial energy and the innovation-oriented policies fostered by governments and the private sector across Latin America. Our Buenos Aires team specializes in AI and machine learning entrepreneurship, focusing on delivering sophisticated financial models to assist our startups in achieving their ambitions. Surrounded by top-tier universities, a vibrant technology scene, and a culture of collaboration, Buenos Aires is the ideal location from which to support innovation and growth in the AI industry throughout Latin America.

  • Fran Okecki

    CEO Latam

    Francisco Okecki stands at the forefront of innovation and disruption, harnessing decades of experience in steering groundbreaking advancements within the digital, e-commerce, mobile technologies, and blockchain landscapes. His acute foresight in identifying and nurturing AI-first startups has catalyzed significant transformations across industries, making him a cornerstone of technological evolution in Latin America. At aiforge.org, Francisco's leadership as Latam CEO transcends traditional boundaries, as he empowers emerging startups with the tools and insights needed for success in an ever-evolving digital world. His approach is deeply rooted in a belief that technology should serve as a catalyst for positive change, guiding his subtle yet impactful contributions towards societal betterment through innovation.

    • Santiago Ramos Mejia

      Director Latam

      Trusted professional with a strong background in the People side of the business. Main experience with Digital and High Tech (Thomson Reuters), but also with Oil & Gas and Energy industries (Total - Central Puerto). Skilled in Leadership, Negotiation, Change Management and Strategy. Corporate experience of about 20+ years in fast growing and challenging business environments. He is Co-founder & Board member for CloudGaia, the largest Salesforce partner in Latin America. He has dedicated a significant portion of his professional career to developing highly competitive teams in complex environments fostering a consistent corporate culture that enables evolution. Santiago holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, and a Master Degree MBA, from Universidad de San Andrés (UdeSA).

      • Santiago Caniggia Bengolea

        Investment Director Latam

        Santiago is a lawyer, serial entrepreneur and investor. He launched Nazca VC in 2012 with his classmates after graduating from Columbia Business School, focusing on boosting startup growth in Latin America. His strategic foresight led to a significant merger with Mountain Partners in 2016, forming Mountain Nazca, a first key player in regional venture capital. Before 2009, Santiago co-founded Plumerillo Winery in Argentina, pioneering in the organic wine industry, and partnered in founding FARO Capital to advocate for sustainable investment strategies. Additionally, he leverages his expertise by mentoring tech startups through his involvement with Columbia's ECLA program. In 2022, he joined the boards of the non-profit Draper University and Draper House Latam, aiming to build a global network of entrepreneurial talent. Currently, he's a co-founder and angel investor at Solar Latam, now Volt Solar Energy USA, promoting renewable energy across Latin America. Santiago's career balances innovation, sustainability, and strategic growth, making significant impacts in venture capital and beyond.

        • Agustina Paz

          Program Director Latam

          Agustina Paz is a Global Ambassador for Singularity University and a co-founder of NeXthumans, a consultancy firm. She has developed her career at the intersection of technology and people, specializing in 10X Skill Development. Agustina is a mentor in Singularity's Global Solutions Program (GSP) and has worked in various tech companies, including serving as the Consulting Director at PDA International and as the HR Director for Southern Cone at Novell Inc. In the public sector, she was the Director of the "Infinito por Descubrir" program under the Ministry of Education between 2017 and 2019. Currently, she also coordinates Executive Programs at the University of San Andrés. Agustina holds a degree in HR Management and has postgraduate qualifications in Future Design, Exponential Mindset, Organizational Studies, Change Management, and International Marketing. She has also Strong Experience in Public Speaking and Institutional Relations.

          • Facundo Badillo

            Outreach Manager Latam

            Facundo Badillo is, at his core, a naturally curious person passionate about bringing ideas to life. Armed with a background in industrial engineering and a postgraduate business degree, he channels this curiosity into shaping investment projects, advising on innovative business models, and cultivating high-impact teams. As the co-director of NeXthumans, a consultancy dedicated to fostering the exponential mindset in organizations, Facundo takes the lead in navigating the ever-evolving landscape of business evolution. Beyond this role, he serves as an Ambassador for Singularity University Chapter Buenos Aires, guiding entrepreneurial teams to reach that elusive extra mile. His journey is not just about business—it's a dynamic exploration of pushing boundaries and embracing the future with an unwavering commitment to progress.

            Start Making an Impact

            In addition to hiring key personnel, we actively seek talented individuals to join our team as paid Associates for each Cohort. If you are a driven and skilled individual seeking an opportunity to grow, we invite you to reach out and say hello. Our team is dedicated to fostering a supportive and inclusive workplace culture that values diversity and encourages collaboration