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AI Forge is expanding its network of mentors. No company can do it alone, every business needs additional resources and relationships to be successful. At AI Forge we give our cohort companies the opportunity to match with mentors and advisors who have decades of experience in a particular industry or vertical so that the mentor(s) can share their wisdom and help their mentee(s) navigate the challenges they are bound to encounter on their business journey.
Can I be a mentor?
Mentors are individuals who have years of experience in an industry. The main responsibilities of the mentor are to give a team (or solo founder) insight and advice that will help them understand and overcome the obstacles that they are bound to face, and to open doors for their mentee when possible, introducing them to individuals and businesses that they will benefit from being connected with.
What is the time commitment?
During week three (3) of the program, we run a mentor-matching selection process to ensure that there is personal chemistry between the mentors and founders and that the mentor/mentee relationship is something that each of them desires. We do require each mentor to be physically present at the mentor matching event, but afterward, you can continue to meet with your mentee virtually as long as you dedicate a minimum of one hour per week for 8 weeks to the team that you are assisting.

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If being a mentor in the AI Forge community sounds like something you would be interested in, fill out our Mentor Intake Form and our outreach manager will follow up with you shortly!