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iListing AI: Revolutionizing Property Management with AI

iListing AI is a forward-thinking PropTech company that's innovating the realm of property management through its flagship product, Easylist. The company specializes in AI-powered inventory inspection solutions, designed to dramatically enhance operational efficiency and reshape operational budgets within the property management sector.

Vision and Solution:

With the vision to transform how property inventories are managed, iListing AI has developed Easylist — a platform that leverages advanced AI, mobile technology, and cloud services to automate the inventory inspection process. Easylist makes inspections quicker, more accurate, and significantly more cost-effective, providing a user-friendly interface that simplifies the inspection process for various stakeholders in the real estate industry.

Market and Growth:

iListing AI operates within a vast market, targeting a range of customers from private landlords and freelance inspectors to large property agencies and inventory service companies. The company's pricing model is designed for flexibility, catering to the diverse needs of its clientele with credit-based, subscription, and one-time payment options. iListing AI's growth trajectory is marked by strategic partnerships and continuous product development, with ambitious revenue projections signaling a promising future.

Team and Investment:

Led by a team of industry experts, iListing AI is poised for significant growth. The company is actively seeking investment to expand its reach and continue its trajectory of innovation and market leadership in property tech.


iListing AI is committed to leading the digital revolution in property management, ensuring that property inspections are not just simplified but also imbued with the precision and efficiency that only AI can provide.

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