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Nanu is an advanced platform tailored for enthusiasts and researchers interested in UFO/UAP and other unexplained phenomena (OUP). It harnesses the capabilities of CosmiQ Ai, an intelligent assistant that enhances user engagement through efficient data collection and insightful analysis. The platform offers a tiered subscription model that ranges from free access to premium features, enabling a diverse community to Discover, Discuss, and Disclose their experiences and findings. Nanu's aim is to become the definitive hub for credible research and vibrant community interaction in the field of unknown phenomena.

1. Value Proposition: Nanu offers a unique platform that combines community engagement with advanced AI to explore and understand UFO/UAP and OUP.

2. Customer Segments: Nanu targets UFO/UAP and OUP enthusiasts, researchers, and the general public interested in paranormal activities and mysteries.

3. Channels: The platform reaches its customers through social media, content marketing, email newsletters, and partnerships with educational and research institutions.

4. Customer Relationships: Maintained through interactive features, user support, and community-driven content.

5. Revenue Streams:
- Subscription fees for premium access.
- Advertising revenue from targeted ads.
- Partnerships and sponsorships.

6. Key Resources:
- CosmiQ Ai technology.
- User-generated content and data.
- Development and research team.

7. Key Activities:
- Platform development and maintenance.
- AI integration and updates.
- Content creation and curation.
- Community management and engagement.

8. Key Partnerships:
- Technology partners for AI development.
- Research institutions for data validation.
- Media outlets for content distribution.

9. Cost Structure:
- Technology development and server costs.
- Marketing and advertising expenses.
- Staff salaries and overheads.

10. Key Metrics:
- User growth and engagement rates.
- Subscription conversion rates.
- Revenue growth and churn rates.
- Content creation and interaction metrics.

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