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Route 10
London, UK

AI for mobile workforce management and same day services. Better service - less cost. Mobile workforces are not efficient, existing technology just hides the waste. Our model finds the inefficiencies hidden by common logistics and field service software. Those savings can be significant – 10% of total cost is possible.


AI Optimisation to Automate Cloud Routing Saves average corporate users $400k per annum Eliminates price volatility & uncertainty Extensive use of AI for insights and Recommendations Easy deployment with any legacy configuration

HIT Coach
London, UK

Our startup revolutionizes combat sports training and performance analysis using AI and computer vision technology. We offer a sophisticated, yet user-friendly app that provides real-time feedback and detailed insights into technique, speed, and force, enhancing the training process for both athletes and coaches. With our solution, we aim to reduce injury risks, prevent overtraining, and optimize athletic performance, making high-tech training tools accessible and affordable in the combat sports arena.


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